How It All Began..



International session stylist John mullan presents to you Mr Mullan’s Apothecary offering an efficacious range of grooming essentials for the modern man.

If you have the beard we have the tools!

John Mullan, owner and founder of Stone Hair Salon is changing the game with his 100% natural, hand crafted grooming products. With 28 years experience in the hair and grooming industry and a wide range of celebrity and high profile clients John noticed a niche in the market for natural grooming products and decided to create his own.

Hand-made in the Apothecary studio situated in Kingston upon Thames and born out of a passion for ensuring the bearded gent looks his best. Each ingredient has been selected for its skin and hair properties ensuring the skin is hydrated, the hair is moisturised leaving you with a smooth, no frizz, with long lasting hold and control.

We only use only the highest quality natural ingredients, complimented by a range of charming grooming tools including combs and brushes, using the finest ox horn to meet the needs of the style-conscious man. Products in the grooming range comprise of beard balms, moustache waxes, beard oils and styling tools.

New Arrivals... our gent’s grooming range John has been busy creating you a collection of luxury fragranced candles which will fill any room with a rich deep scent. It’s time to discover your favourite!