The Owner.

Mr Mullan has been in the hair and grooming industry for twenty eight years.
He noticed a niche in the market for high-end beard grooming products and decided to create his own. Using only the highest quality natural ingredients Mr Mullan is delighted to present to you his grooming and lifestyle collection perfectly suited to the busy modern man who cares about quality. Every ingredient in each formula has been hand picked for its hair and skin properties meaning you won't find any chemical nasties or filler ingredients ensuring you look and feel your best.
No single use plastics are used in production and Mr Mullan prides himself on the sustainability of the packaging used.
Mr Mullan is the founder of Stone Hair Salon and his products can also be bought in his luxury boutique salon. For more information on Stone Hair, please visit:

The Signature Brand. 

Mr Mullan prides himself on only using the best quality natural ingredients, each one selected for its beneficial properties for looking after your skin and hair.

No  additives or fillers have been used in this formula and we do not test on animals. All of our ingredients are natural and organic sourced carefully to ensure we only deliver the highest quality product to you. 


The General Store.

Mr Mullan's General Store is excited to share with you brands you wouldn't find typically on the high street. Each piece on offer has been hand picked with our Stone clientele in mind. A few examples of the brands we have in-store include: Le Labourer, Mutti, La Bruket, Jollie Socks, Ljung, Marvis, Nuwold, Schiesser, Ystudio, Hightide, Zippo, Myia Bonner, Hibi, Chenex, Aeropress, Penco, Blackwing, Midori, Guerillacast, S'well Water Bottles, Armor Lux, Fieldnotes, Puebco, Mason Pearson and of course Mr Mullan's!