Mr Mullan's Raw Incense cones have landed! Here's why you would benefit from them!

Mr Mullan has been busy this season creating a brand new product. Raw incense cones in his signature blend to make your home or work space smell delicious. A blend of Sandalwood, Orange Blossom, Black Pepper and Bergamot.

The sandalwood creates a fragrant 'woody' odour and combined with the orange blossom, black pepper and bergamot this is a real winter fragrance for the home.  Below is a list of the benefits of burning incense - not only does it smell great, its brilliant for your well being too! 


Purifying the air
Some incense has been found to have special antibacterial properties, which enable them to naturally purify the air and surfaces in a room.  

Managing minor pain
Certain fragrances trigger a response from the limbic system which results in a release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter found in the blood that can work as a mild painkiller.

Reducing stress and anxiety
When we're angry, stressed or upset our brains release stress hormones. These hormones cause inflammation which, in turn, causes the release of inflammatory proteins called cytokines. These proteins can greatly impair cognitive function, almost 'clouding' the natural process. This is a major reason why stressed people can perform worse than they would normally. 

 Stimulating creativity

Being in the same environment as incense has been linked to heightened creativity. The basis for this is similar to listening to music – providing inspiration and motivation. Aromas are also a very powerful emotional memory trigger which can help to stimulate thoughts and creativeness.

 Fighting sadness and depression

A medical study determined that, when inhaled, some incense smoke activates ion channels in the brain which are closely associated with emotion and alleviating depression. This stimulates the production and release of TRPV3 – a protein which helps reduce anxiety and symptoms of depression. Combining this with the positive effects of promoting calm and reducing stress, suggests incense is a valuable tool in the battle against depression.