Summer Locks Survival Guide - From the creator of Mr Mullan's Apothecary

International session stylist and founder of Stone Hair salon, John Mullan, has an endless client’s (A)list. From magazines (L’Officiel, Nylon, Dazed & Confused), to brands (Lexus, Topman, Versace), celebrities (Mark Ronson, Adriana Lima, Lily Cole to name a few) to runway shows, John Mullan is genuinely a busy man. We managed to catch him in London to discuss his hair salon slash lifestyle shop (a real gem!) and to steal his best ‘locks survival’ summer tips.
Where will you be heading this summer?
“Summertime is the best time to be in London. I travel a lot with work and normally take a longer break later on in the year, January time. Hopefully I will be spending a couple of weeks in Kerela in Southern India. In the summertime I like to head over to the West coast or Ireland for a short break. It feels like stepping back in time”.


What are your three favourite hair products to use during summer?
“One of my all-time favourites is Windle and Moodie day and night cream, it’s great for re-hydrating the hair and can be applied on wet or dry hair making it the perfect companion to take to the beach. Another favourite of mine is the La Bruket sea salt spray. The cucumber extract is refreshing and nourishing and the spray give a beautiful texture and matte finish for a not too fussy beach wave effect. For a more polished look in the summer I recommend Kiehls’ cream with silk groom. The product works best on cleansed hair and makes the hair silky smooth and manageable. It is a perfect rescue remedy for after a day at the beach”.

What hair treatment do you recommend to prep for the summer and to recover from it?

“For a everyday product to keeping your handbag throughout summer you won’t find a better product than Leon Gorman’s Hair Care Seaweed Serum, its a non-greasy oil which provides multiple moisturising and conditioning benefits leaving the hair silky and shiny. For prep and recovery I am a huge fan of the Olaplex treatment. The Olaplex prevents damage and repairs hair and can be done as a standalone treatment or mixed in with your colour application”.


What are your all-time favourite celebrities summer hairstyles?

“For summer I really enjoy hair the looks great but doesn’t take too much effort. Tousseled waves are great for summer because they can be achieved with a texturizer spray and then are good to go. Mark Ronson always has great style, I guess I am a bit biased on that one and for women Alexa Chung always rocks a good summer and winter look. She’s a all round classic rock chick with effortlessly looking great hair”.



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