What makes Mr Mullan's Apothecary range a cut above the rest?

All Beard oils, moustache waxes and beard balms are hand crafted by John Mullan. John - an international session stylist who has been in the industry for three decades knows a thing or two about the importance of a high quality styling product.
Each ingredient in the balms, oils and waxes has been sourced specifically for its properties to the hair and skin. 

John creating beard balm in his studio in Kingston upon Thames.

Mr Mullan hard at work creating his original formula for Mr Mullan's Apothecary.  

Benefits for the Hair:

For instance Jojoba adds shine and softens the hair to control the frizz and make sure your beard is looking its best. Grapeseed leaves the beard hair stronger, healthier and looking more attractive whilst sandalwood ensures the beard is lustrous, soft and with a natural shine. Bee's wax will give your beard a great natural hold and keep its shave whilst taming any fly aways. 

Benefits for the Skin: 

Orange blossom hydrates and tones the skin and healthy skin promotes a healthy beard.   Bergamot also is fantastic for the skin as it is a powerful antiseptic whilst being able to remove bacteria from the skin and hair. Black Pepper contains anti-oxidants which prevent ageing go the skin, help cure blackheads and boosts circulation which in turn promotes hair growth. Sweet almond eliminates dry skin and sandalwood also works as a dandruff treatment. 
John, the founder of Stone Hair Salon creates his formulas in his studio based in Kingston upon Thames. Each balm is created by his own hand with how natural formula  and a sprinkle of wisdom thrown in.  

hand made beard balm using the best ingredients to help grow your beard

natural beard balm made by hand using natural ingredients



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