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Mr Mullan presents to you his brand new daily use moisturiser with hyaluronic acid.  Made entirely from natural ingredients this classic moisturiser offers powerful hydration along with many other benefits to the skin.  


50ml glass jar with spatula for application. 

Mr Mullan's Moisturiser with hyaluronic acid will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and leave your skin glowing. The hyaluronic acid is naturally occurring in the human body but as we age our bodies ability to produce it lessens. The acid works as a sponge retaining water which in turn will improve your skins hydration and texture. 

Every ingredient present in my moisturiser has been hand picked for a purpose. 

Rosewood oil is a key ingredient for its antibacterial properties,  vitamin E for hydration and aloe vera which contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and anti oxidants to draw moisture to the skin. Jojoba has been added as it is a gentle non-irritating oil which will not block your pores, reduces redness and aids in skin repair. Shea butter to soothe and reduce any inflammations and the vitamin K found in Shea butter helps the skin to heal. Bee's wax is present as a natural thickener for the product, it works by attracting moisture to the skin and contains vitamin A which promotes collagen production. 

Directions of Use:

Apply directly to face using spatula after cleansing AM and PM.

For best results use in conjunction with Mr Mullan's Cleanser and Mr Mullan's Face Oil. 



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